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Financial Education

We offer a free and comprehensive course covering topics such as money management, saving and investing, understanding credit, and more. This course will empower you to advance through financial education. Click below to learn more about what we can do for you!

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Feb 26th, 2024 

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30pm-8:00pm

Financial Foundations Course

Learn everything you need to know to be financially healthy and grow your net worth

Lesson 1

This introductory lesson covers what is financial literacy and why it's important, your relationship to money, and where to get important answers

Lesson 3


Understand how to save and overcome obstacles that prevent you from saving. Learn to use tools and resources to reach your saving goals.

Lesson 5

Learn about credit and borrowing. Gain knowledge and tools to help you borrow money the right way.

Lesson 7

Understand your paycheck, your taxes, and your benefits. Gain a complete understanding of the importance of earning in your financial plan.

Lesson 2

Learn how to increase savings over time, lower risk, and understand investing. Understand the tools available to you to achieve a stable future.

Lesson 4

Learn how to protect your family, your property, and your savings. Understand your risks and gain knowledge that will help you avoid common pitfalls.

Lesson 6

Understand social security, medicare, HSA accounts, including tools that can help you prepare for retirement. 

Lesson 8

Learn how to save for a downpayment, understand what you can afford, find tools to help you decide when to buy, and much more!

Banking Course

Being unbanked will cost you $40,000 over your lifetime. Take our four-week course to Get Banked.




Using cash costs thousands of dollars more than using a bank account! Learn why.



Learn how to shop around for a bank, use banking services, and get the most out of your banking relationship



The BankOn Allentown Coalition provides discounted banking services and an opportunity for you to receive $100!*


Need a Coach? Start Here

Schedule time with an experienced coach and set goals confidently.


Financial Literacy Center is a non-profit organization and does not sell any financial products or processes. Your information is confidential and we do not sell your data. 

Financial Coaching

What We Do

Empower | Advance | Transform

We teach adults and high school seniors because financial transformation begins with education! We offer free and comprehensive courses covering topics such as money management, saving and investing, understanding credit, and more. These virtual courses are filled with resources and expertise to empower you and push you forward.

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