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Our Goal is to Provide Financial Literacy to All of The Lehigh Valley

At Financial Literacy Center we believe that our efforts can make a huge difference. Join us in order to make an impact and bring about transformation in the Lehigh Valley through financial education.

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We Empower You

Advance through financial education

Transform your environment


We Are a Nonprofit Organization

Since 2017, we've been on a mission to educate our community and empower our neighbors through financial freedom. With everyone we teach and every organization we support, we are creating a stronger community and increasing the economic strength of The Lehigh Valley for generations! With every donation, you can help us make this mission possible.

What We Do

Financial Literacy Center of the Lehigh Valley provides free, comprehensive financial education leading to tangible transformation. Topics include credit-building tips, tricks, and money-management strategies that can help you save more in your everyday life! Financial literacy offers many benefits, such as learning how to increase savings or improve debt repayment, but did you know it also helps people manage their emotions around finances? Our organization provides education to help increase positive financial outcomes and reduce anxiety from financial stress. Most importantly, Financial Literacy Center provides something for everyone.

Why We Do It?

The Lehigh Valley continues to grow, and the need for education about personal financial success is increasing. We are committed to empowering people as they take on this journey by providing them with knowledge, tools, and resources. We know what difficult economic times have been like for many families lately, all while paying an expensive college tuition bill or skyrocketing rent prices just because someone wants better opportunities than where life has taken them so far. It can be hard to make ends meet without understanding what these obstacles entail, which leaves us feeling frustrated and powerless.


About Us

Our Vision is to inspire financial literacy in the community, helping individuals to apply the knowledge that can change the course of their lives.


Our Mission is to provide practical financial education and promote a better quality of life, a stronger community, and a positive impact on the local economy.


Financial Literacy Center of The Lehigh Valley is a 501(C)3 and a Pennsylvania Charitable Organization.

Board of Directors


Jason Alter


Gabriel Rendon


Paul Jenssen


Susan Phillips


The Late Keith Harding


Jessica Escobar-Eck


From Students, Parents, and Teachers

“I learned a lot. Credit, cash flow, investments, car loans, and more.”

J Brockett


To learn more about how Financial Literacy Center makes a difference Click Here!

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